Previously when teeth were lost the only option was a denture (‘removable plate’). Whilst a denture may be a good option in some cases, many people find a removable plate difficult to tolerate or an embarrassment. In recent years the advent of implants have provided a new alternative.

An implant is essentially a specialised screw which when placed in the jaw can be build up as a normal tooth. Implant Pic 1Where multiple teeth are missing a bridge can be constructed supported by implants (‘implant supported bridge’) or implants can be placed to stabalise and support dentures (‘implant retained overdentures’). In selected cases an implant can be placed at the same time a tooth is removed.

Before an implant can be placed a careful assessment must be made to ensure adequate bone is present to support the implant. In cases where there is inadequate bone a bone graft may be first required.

Dr. Mehanna will individually assess your needs and provide advice on the best option.