What are Implants ?

Previously when teeth were lost the only option was a denture (‘removable plate’). Whilst a denture may be a good option in some cases, many people find a denture difficult to tolerate or an embarrassment. In recent years the advent of implants have provided a new alternative.

An implant is essentially a specialised screw which when placed in the jaw which after healing, a tooth can be attached.

Implant Pic 1Where multiple teeth are missing a bridge can be constructed supported by implants (‘implant supported bridge’). Implants can also be placed to support a  denture (‘implant retained overdentures’). In selected cases an implant can be placed at the same time a tooth is removed.

What does it involve?

Before an implant can be placed a careful assessment must be made to ensure adequate bone is present to support the implant. This involved a specialized 3d Scan of the jaws (cone beam ct scan).

If there is insufficient bone, a bone graft may be first required.

How are implants placed?

Implants can either be placed under a local anesthetic (awake) or in a hospital under a general anaesthetic (asleep).