Exposure of Teeth

Why do we need to expose teeth?

Under certain circumstances, a tooth can have trouble erupting and remains trapped under the gum or jaw bone. This often occurs with canine teeth.

Impacted canine teeth usually occur in the top jaw and are commonly located in the roof of the mouth. Other teeth can also be impacted in other parts of the jaw.

How can impacted teeth be treated?

Your Dentist or Orthodontist may suggest a surgical procedure called an exposure and bond of the tooth. This involves uncovering (exposing)
the tooth and attaching a small chain (bonding) to the tooth which can attached to braces to slowly pull the tooth into the correct position. The surgery is often performed when younger. 

Where is the Surgery Undertaken?

Although the surgery can be undertaken awake with a Local Anaesthetic,  it is often more comfortable when asleep (General Anaesthetic).

What happens after the Surgery?

After your check up with your Surgeon, you will need to return to your dentist or orthodontist to keep an eye on the tooth as it moves into the correct position.    

Impacted Canine 1

Impacted Canine 2

Impacted Canine 3